Our Curl Story: The Journey of Inhairtance

The Journey of Inhairitance

June is a very special month for us. It's the month when Inhairitance was first born! I wanted to take some time and reflect on how far we've come in our journey because I am truly so proud of not only of the growth of this company but how many curly girls we’ve been able to help over the years! 

Where it all began…

When I first founded this company in 2012, Inhairitance started as a small section on a 4-foot-long wall in a Curl Boutique. The inspiration for Inhairitance came from my personal hair struggles as a Black girl growing up in a Eurocentric community in Austria. With little to no representation and products catered to my hair type, I often felt isolated and wished for more manageable hair. My curls, which should have been a source of pride, were instead a source of shame.

As I grew older, I yearned for a safe space where curly girls could share their experiences, uplift each other, and celebrate our unique beauty. This longing led to the creation of Inhairitance. It was born out of a desire to build a community where all curly girls could feel seen, heard, and loved.

Our Very First Boutique

To my surprise, the products I initially stocked on that small shelf sold out in less than a day! This overwhelming response confirmed what I had suspected all along: curly girls needed a place like Inhairitance. Motivated by this realization, I continued to push forward. Over the years, I connected with like-minded stylists who shared my vision of creating a curly haven. With their invaluable help, we opened the doors to the very first Inhairitance Boutique! Look how tiny it was🥺. 

The Opening of Our Second Boutique

Soon enough, we outgrew our little space and moved to a bigger place in the South West of Montreal. With a bigger team of dedicated stylists, we were able to serve more clients and truly make a difference in their lives. We became one of the few salons in Montreal catering specifically to curly and coily hair, and seeing the joy and confidence our clients gained from our services filled my heart with immense happiness. We had become the safe space I always wished for as a child, and knowing we were helping others find that same comfort was deeply fulfilling.

The Creation of Curl Care

In 2019, we made a huge step and created our CurlCare products. By then, we had been using & collaborating with a number of curly hair companies and we had seen what worked best with our client's hair, what they loved, and which ingredients gave the results that were truly transformational. So, with the help of some amazing chemists we were able to create products that truly represented everything we stood for as a brand. We wanted clean, safe, natural products that were made with love, care and attention. Something that would truly transform and drastically increase the health and integrity of all curls and coils. In total, we came out with 6 products including: Curl Renew Shampoo, Daily Curl Booster Leave in, Curl Butter, Hold it Right There! Gel, Unconditional Love Deep Conditioner and Moisture Lock Pomade. 


Fast forward to today and we’re still growing and are blessed enough to continue helping thousands of Curl babes, not only in Montreal but also in the US, Martinique and in France! So far, we’ve helped over 20k Curl babes achieve their hair goals and we hope to continue doing that for years and years to come. Our Curl Care line has expanded to 12 products, and we are proud to be one of the few Black women-owned companies to reach the seven-figure status.

A heartfelt Thank you

That being said, None of this would have been possible without our amazing community of Curl babes. From the bottom of our hearts, my team and I want to thank you. It is your support and love that has allowed us to grow and prosper. You are the heart and soul of Inhairitance, and everything we do is to help you achieve your hair dreams and become the best, most confident version of yourself.

Your support has enabled us to create an impact and make a difference for curly women, men, and children who no longer feel alienated in a world that often upholds Eurocentric beauty standards. We hope to continue providing a safe space and educating people about curly hair so that future generations of curly kids never have to experience the hair traumas we endured.

Once again, thank you for being part of our journey. Here’s to many more years of curls, community, and love! 🥂

With Love, 

Abisara Machold