What is a chelating Shampoo? And why you need it!

If you are dealing with Dry, Damaged Hair? You Probably Need This Product. 

Have you ever stepped out of the shower, did your entire hair care routine, put in tons of effort to style it just right, only for it to end up looking even worse than before? You run through your product line in your mind – “Which one didn’t work? Did I use too much product? Did I not use enough?”

It’s one thing when your hair doesn’t turn out the way that you had hoped — but it’s another when, no matter what you do or how hard you try, it just keeps looking dry, damaged, flat, or way too greasy.

It’s almost like your hair decided to rebel against all of your efforts – ugh!

Believe it or not, this problem is common with curly folks. And it isn’t anything you’re doing wrong – but rather, this darn thing called BUILDUP. 

Too often, people with curly hair find that their hair is dry, damaged, or that their products just don’t work like they used to, and it’s usually caused by buildup from their environment – like hard water, salt water, or too much chlorine. How do you solve it? With this transformative bottle of Chelating Shampoo.

Curious about what Chelating Shampoo is, the benefits, and when you should use it? Keep reading!

What is a Chelating Shampoo?

Chelating shampoo is about to become your hair’s newest best friend – simply because of how transformative it can be after one single use. It basically does all of the heavy lifting that your regular shampoo – or even a clarifying shampoo – just can’t do.

Think of it like hiring a professional cleaning service for your house. They come in, deep clean every space, nook, and cranny of your house imaginable (yes, even that corner that you keep forgetting about), and then, you get to reap the rewards over and over. AKA – life-changing!

A Chelating shampoo acts the same way. It deep cleanses your hair and scalp by removing any resistant product buildup, hard water mineral deposits, and heavy metals, all while rebalancing your pH levels. Talk about a game-changer in your hair care routine!

What’s the differnce between a Chelating and a Clarifying shampoo, you migt ask?

While clarifying shampoo is a wonderful product and definitely should be in everyone’s hair care routine, it’s not powerful enough to remove those hard-water minerals and heavy metals. Chelating shampoo is more powerful and takes things one step further – hence why after one single use, you can strut your glorious curls for months. It certainly does not need to be used as often as you think!

The Benefits of Using a Chelating Shampoo

So, what are the benefits of adding a chelating shampoo to your hair care routine? Here’s the greatest hits of this fantastic product:

Chelating Shampoo…

  • De-yellows grey hair
  • Is great to use before a color or any chemical treatment
  • Is safe to use for coloured hair and will keep your color vibrant
  • It will lessen the damaging effects of salt water and chlorine exposure
  • Is great for all hair types (including chemically strengthened hair)
  • Cleanses stubborn buildup and purifies the scalp
  • Helps alleviate constant dryness, limp and frizzy hair, excessive shedding, itchy scalps, and breakage

And if that isn’t enough to convince you, our chelating shampoo is designed to restore and balance every strand from scalp to tip, giving your hair a fresh start – the ultimate hair renaissance!

How to Use a Chelating Shampoo

Using a chelating shampoo is actually more simple than you think! If you’re an active swimmer or known to have hard water exposure, we recommend using a chelating shampoo once a week (at maximum!). Otherwise, if you just have some buildup that needs some serious clarifying, use every 4-6 weeks!

For the very best results, follow up each wash with a hydrating shampoo right after! Deep conditioning is obligatory!

The Perfect Addition to Any Hair Care Routine

Chelating shampoo truly is the perfect addition to any hair care routine for any type – but especially for curly hair! There’s no better feeling than a clean scalp and revitalized hair, almost like you just left the salon. What’s even better? That all your other products work again – and work better – because you hair is now free from buildup and ready to absorb your amazing curl products. 

Adding a chelating shampoo to your routine every 4-6 weeks is a must, especially if you’re stuck with hard water! Protect your curls and keep them looking healthy and hydrated with our NEWEST (and favorite) product – our own Chelating Shampoo!

This beautiful bottle of glory was formulated with curly hair in mind – but can be used on all types – and is packed with vital nutrients that all hair follicles need. Shop it now!

You, your hair, and your other favorite products don’t need to be at odds with each other any longer. Try out our chelating shampoo and enjoy the benefits for months!