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Free shipping within Canada for orders of $100 or more✈️

Fall in love with your natural hair 🤍

Your hair is your inheritance

Your hair holds your story. Every curl says something about who you are and what you’ve endured to get where you are today.

You are successful. 
You are strong.
You are naturally beautiful. 
You are valuable.

While Black hair has always been politicized, we want to teach you to embrace and love your natural hair for what it is – your crown

You deserve to love your natural hair and give it the treatment it deserves with natural, non-toxic products that helps you feel and look your best.

Meet Abisara

Founder of Inhairitance

“Are you really going to go out with your hair like that?” 
“Can you actually really wash that hair?”
“Your hair reminds me of sheep’s wool.” 
“I think you should do something about that hair, because it will scare customers away.”

Growing up as a Black curly girl in Austria, Abisara knows the challenges of a Black curly girl all too well. Too often, she wished her hair was different, hiding her curls underneath chemical straighteners and products so that she could fit in.

But it was when she finally accepted her curls that she realized that this experience is all too common for curly girls. 

As the founder of the Inhairitance Curl Spa, Abisara created the safe space that she would have loved to have growing up. A place that welcomes you and your hairstory, that understands exactly what you’ve been through, the inner conflicts fought to finally accept and start loving your hair, the anxiety when placed in a hairdressing chair and of course providing you with all of that necessary knowledge on how to take care of your hair. 

A self-proclaimed product junkie, Abisara has learned the hard way just how much money curly girls spend on dozens of products, trying to achieve their dream curls. Unfortunately, as we all know, very few of those products actually work on our hair; that’s why the FREE Curl consultations represent the core of the Inhairitance philosophy. We are here to assist you on your personal journey and equip you with the knowledge and the most effective products to develop your personalized curl routine.

Abisara has dedicated her work to uplifting every curly girl as well as marking a new level of Black Excellence and the creation of Black wealth. From a one woman consultation desk in 2012, Inhairitance has grown to a team of 22 people based in Montreal and a first franchise located in the French Caribbean, Martinique. Her work as a workshop facilitator and public speaker has made Abisara an important figure in Montreal’s Black community and role model for many.

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Natural, non-toxic products

What you put on your hair matters. Our natural, non-toxic products are made to hydrate and care for curly, coily, and locked hair. 

Curl Spa

Visit one of our CurlSpas in Montreal and Martinique to get the ultimate care for your hair

Learn from our curl experts

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