Brand Ambassador Guidelines

You've made it! You're officially an Inhairitance Curl Babe! In order to ensure you're making the most of this partnership, we've provided a few best practices and guidelines to be mindful of.

We look forward to working with you and can't wait to see how you celebrate your Inhairitance ! 💜

Video Submission Requirements

3 Video Submissions

  • Video 1: 1-3 Minutes Long
  • Video 2: 1-3 Minutes Long
  • Video 3: 1-3 Minutes Long

3 Photo Submissions

  • A photo of your hair before you used our products
  • A photo of your hair After using our products
  • A fun photo of you (ex: your favorite hairstyle, you wearing your curls on a rainy day, travelling with your curls etc.


  • When filming, please take horizontal videos only! Make sure you’re using a device that has good camera quality.
  • Please submit all videos as .mp4 files.
  • Please submit all photos as .jpegs

Video Submission Guidelines

Video #1

In your first video, we want you tell us a little bit about your hair journey. How long have you been natural? What have you struggled with the most? What do you love about your hair?

Video #2

In your second video, show us your full wash day routine using our products! We want to know how you wash, condition, deep condition & style you hair.

Video #3

In your third video, tell us all about your favorite product! What did your enjoy about it? How did it feel in your hair? Did it make your hair feel softer? Give us a full review!

Video examples that we like!


Pro Tip

Use the tips below to create great visuals to submit:

  • Film from the waist or chest up
  • When taking selfies, please keep ¾ of the frame on your face & hair
  • When taking pictures of the back of your hair, please make sure all of your hair is within frame
  • Film & take your photos with a clean, simple background
  • No logos or products from other brands should be seen in deliverables
  • Avoid being in dark rooms, filming in a room with bright, natural daylight is best!

Sharing Content

We’ll be sharing your videos and photos with the 30k + women in our CurlTribe in the form of blog posts, emails & social media posts.

We’d love for you to share these too!

Once your photos and videos are posted on our Instagram, we invite you to repost them and share them with your audience. Please be sure to tag us, and add the hashtag [#inhairitance].

We can’t wait to see the amazing new content you’ll create! 💜

Be yourself

Most importantly, when filming your videos, don’t forget to be yourself! We want to see the real, authentic you. Film videos that most reflect your personality and your creativity and have fun with it!

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