Top 10 Stylish Back-to-School Hairstyles for Kids

Hey Curly Parents, 

Fall is just around the corner…which means School is back in session! Whether you're looking forward to some well deserved alone time or gearing up for another round of school day chaos, we’ve got you covered! 🍂📚 

To ease the transition into this new season and add a touch of style to your kids’ school routine, we’ve put together a guide filled with super easy and quick curly hairstyles so you can get your little ones out the door in 10 minutes or less

📢Introducing Curl Care 101...Kids Edition

The Curly Cloud Puffs

The 2 puffs is a classic hairstyle for good reason. It's simple, fast and super adorable! To create this hairstyle, apply some daily curl booster leave-in to hydrate the hair, then add a curl butter to seal in all that moisture and add some definition. Split the hair into two sections and pull each section into a puff using a scrunchie or gentle hair band.

The Double Braid Parade

For a quick low manipulation hairstyle, slick your child’s hair into two low ponytails and braid them up. To spice up this hairstyle try doing bubble braids instead of regular ones! Make sure to use a hydrating leave-in and a good sealant to lock in that moisture! 

The Side Bow Bliss

This simple, cute one step hairstyle is the perfect back to school look! Simply section out a small amount of hair on the side of your child’s head, twist it and attach a bow! If you want their curls to really pop, use our hold it right there gel to get soft, moisturized and defined curls!

The Fluffy puff

      For another simple and cute curly hairstyle, go for a simple puff. All you need is something to tie your child’s hair up into a voluminous puff and add some accessories to elevate the style!

      The Braided Trio

      This super cute and fun hairstyle is easy and low maintenance, making it perfect for active kids. With this style, they can look adorable for school whilst their crown is safely tucked away and protected. 

      The Space Buns 

        Another quick and easy hairstyle to try on your little one is the double buns! Remember to make sure your child's crown is hydrated before creating this beautiful style. 

        The Side Ponytail 

          The side ponytail is a variation of the regular half up half down. To achieve this hairstyle, section a small front piece of the hair and tie it up with a gentle elastic band making sure that the hair falls to the side. The rest of the hair can be styled in a wash n go, braid out or twist out. For extra definition, hydration and shine, try using our hold it right there gel along with our daily curl booster leave in conditioner! 

          The Twist and puff

            This is similar to hairstyle number 4 but instead of a simple puff, you can flat twist the front section of your child's hair and add cute colorful hair accessories! 

            The Crisscross buns

              This hairstyle is super simple and will keep your child's hair out of their face during school. In order to achieve this style, section the hair into 4 quadrants. Braid the bottom two quadrants and put the top two quadrants into buns. Then, take the braids and bobby pin them to the bun on the opposite side of the head. And voila! Your child is now ready to conquer the day without hair distractions, and they look super adorable! 

              Half up, half down Knots

                This super cute and simple hairstyle is perfect for getting your littles ones ready in the morning quickly. Simply separate the front of their hair into two buns and accessorize as you see fit! 


                Extra Tips for styling your Curly kids hair 

                As a parent, styling your child's curly hair can be challenging, especially when you're in a rush to get them ready for school! But with the right techniques and a little patience, you can transform your morning routine from unruly chaos to a simple and efficient process. 🤗

                Use a Gentle Shampoo and Conditioner

                Proper hair care starts with a good wash day routine! Make sure to use sulfate free, hydrating shampoo and conditioner that are designed for Curly hair. Using high quality, effective products will help keep your child's hair hydrated and minimize frizz. 

                For the ultimate hydrating curly wash day, try the Curl Renew shampoo and the Moisture Rescue Conditioner! Made with extracts from the resurrection plant, these products are designed to maximize moisture and minimize breakage, tangling and dryness. 

                Detangle with care

                Detangle your child's curly crown in the afternoon to ensure that you're not dealing with the stress of tangles in the morning. There is nothing worse than having to deal with tangled hair and being in a rush to get your kids to school. This can easily lead to frustration for both you and your child! 

                To make detangling less of a struggle, apply a hydrating leave-in conditioner or a detangling spray on damp hair. Then use a brush and gently work through the knots, starting from the tips and working your way up to the roots. 

                Keep it Simple

                Keep your child's curly hair routine and styling as simple as possible. There is no need to layer a ton of products to get the perfect curls or to style their hair in extravagant ways that might be damaging. Consider easy hairstyles like the ones mentioned above and keep it cute and simple! 

                Teach them Self Care & help them embrace their unique curl pattern 

                Another great practice is to involve your child in their hair care routine by encouraging them to learn how to take care of their beautiful crown! This is a great first step to teaching them the importance of self care and self love so that they can embrace and fall in love with their own natural beauty!  

                Styling your little one's curly crown can be made simpler and more enjoyable with the right techniques and a little preparation. These cute and simple hairstyles will make the back to school season a breeze and ensure that your kids look fabulous! So, cheers to a stress free & stylish school year 🥂🎓