Curly Hair 101: How To Remove Buildup

Every curly girl has experienced this before…you complete your wash day using the same products & routine that have worked for you the past couple of months. You style your hair and dry it, expecting luscious bouncy curls and coils but instead, your hair comes out dry and frizzy!

What happened? Why did your results differ so much from previous wash days when you’ve been using the SAME products this whole time?! Well, my curlfriend, the answer is simple…it's because of BUILDUP. 

The Different Types of Buildup 

Curly & coily hair is prone to various types of build up that can affect the overall health and appearance of your hair. Here are some of the most common types of build up that can occur: 

  • Product build up
  • This can happen when heavy styling products like gels, mousses and creams are not properly washed out of the hair. Over time, these products can create a residue that weighs down your curls, making them appear dull & lifeless. 

  • Mineral Build-up
  • This kind of build up can be caused by hard water. Mineral deposits often interfere with the effectiveness of other hair care products, leaving your hair dry and brittle. 

  • Sebum Build-up
  • Sebum is the natural oil produced by the scalp. It is a natural hair moisturizer that protects your curls. While it is typically beneficial for your crown, an excessive amount of sebum can lead to build up & residue. 

  • Chlorine Build up
  • If you swim in pools on a regular basis, you may be prone to chlorine build up. The chemicals in the water can accumulate on your strands, making your hair feel brittle, dry and prone to breakage.  

  • Silicone Build up
  • Many hair products contain silicone, a substance that temporarily gives the illusion of smoothness and shine to your hair. A prolonged use of silicones can oftentimes lead to build up. 

  • Dust & Dirt Build Up
  • Every day our hair is exposed to environmental pollutants, dust and dirt. If not thoroughly cleansed, these small particles can accumulate on your strands. 

    But, how do you know if you have Buildup? 

    Here are the 4 tell tale signs that you have a bad case of buildup on your hands..

    Nothing Works

    One of the main signs of build up is that most products seem to stop working on your hair. This happens because the buildup creates a barrier between your hair and the products you’re using, which stops them from actually penetrating your hair strands

    Dry, Brittle Hair

    Your hair is unable to properly absorb any products and is dry and rough to the touch. 

    Scalp Problems

    Your scalp feels dry, itchy and flaky. 

    Limp, lifeless hair

    Your hair appears limp and weak and your curls aren’t as springy as they used to be. 


    How do you fix Buildup? 

    The key to removing build up  and avoiding it in the future is to use a really Good Clarifying Shampoo once a month. 

    Clarifying your hair…

    • Removes hard water minerals and chlorine 
    • Removes any silicones, butters, oils and other residue from your products
    • Cleanses your scalp and removes all the dead skin cells
    • Will bring your limp hair back to life! 


    However…Not all Clarifying Shampoos are made equal. Most contain harsh ingredients that completely strip your crown of its natural oils and dry out your curls! Our Curl Renaissance Shampoo does all the heavy lifting of a regular Clarifying shampoo but without any of the harsh chemicals. So, If you want to experience the ultimate Curl Renaissance, try our chelating shampoo today! 

    For dry curly hair, finding the right balance between using a cleansing shampoo and moisturizing one is crucial. Developing an effective wash day regimen brings you one step closer to achieving the healthy, luscious locks of your dreams! 💦🥳