You deserve a sacred Bath! What Sacred Waters Bath Ritual can do for you

 5 Natural Detoxing Bath Products for the Most Luxurious Bath of Your Life 

There's nothing more relaxing than sitting in the bath and treating yourself to some well-deserved aromatherapy. From lighting ambient candles to quietly playing a soothing playlist – there’s nothing more sacred than an evening in the tub with all of your favorite things, including the products you use.

But finding natural bath products that are made with high-quality, luxurious ingredients that cleanse your energy seems near impossible these days. 

Here at Sacred Waters, we’re dedicated to making self-care products that actually care for you and your energy, not just seem like it. 

With our natural salt soaks and body scrubs, you’ll feel relaxed, refreshed, and completely cared for. Don’t believe us? Here are five natural detoxing bath products for the most luxurious bath of your life.


Forest Bathing Salt Soak



Uplifting, immune boosting, helps fight infection, relief from cold symptoms, emotional balancing & soothing

A walk through the forest calms you down, clears your head and invigorates you at the same time. Decades of studies have shown that the characteristic forest scent noticeably reduces stress and strengthens our immune system during a walk in the forest. The terpenes found in essential tree oils are responsible for this smell. They protect the trees from natural predators. We humans can absorb terpenes through the respiratory tract and the skin.

Profit from the benefits of forest bathing while soaking in your bathtub. This soak is infused with evergreen tree essential oils, aiding stress reduction, strengthening the immune system; improving cardiovascular and metabolic health, and boosting overall well-being.


How to Use:

Add the salt directly to your hot bath water. You can add a few drops of the Forest Bathing Aromatherapeutic Oil as desired.

Bath salt content is intended for two baths.


Sacred Ingredients:

Responsibly-sourced Epsom Salt, Sea Salts, Dendritic Salt, Silver Fir Essential Oil, Listea Oil, & Benzoin Oil


The Benefits of the Forest Bathing Salt Soak:

  • Mind-clearing and mood-boosting. This refreshing soak is one of the best ways to liven up your day. The incredible combination of LISETA oil and Benzoin oil help relieve fatigue, clear your mind, and improve your mood. It’s the perfect antidote for negative feelings, seasonal blues, stress, anger, and irritability.
  • Supports your respiratory system. The best blend for your respiratory system, the Forest Bathing Salt Soak is great for supporting your airways and relaxing your breath. With the inclusion of the Silver Fir Essential Oil, this soak is great for soothing bronchitis, colds, and the flu.
  • Purifies and balances. Negative energy, stress points, weariness, and anxiety won’t last long once soaking in this blend. Benzoin Oil is known for it’s purification properties and helping aid in emotional balancing.  



Self Love Salt Soak

 Take a moment for yourself and indulge in LOVE. This incredible bath soak softens your heart and wraps you in a soothing embrace of self-compassion, healing, forgiveness and emotional stability. Bathing with the essence of sandalwood, amber, rose, and vanilla will not only relax you deeply, they also cleanse your aura of any negative energy, bring mental clarity, help you let go of anger and sadness, and offer you protection and increased manifestation powers.


How to Use:

Add the salt directly to your hot bath water. Enjoy.


Sacred Ingredients:

Dead Sea Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, Rose, Vanilla, Amber, & Sandalwood.


The Benefits of the Self Love Salt Soak:

  • Detoxifys and recharges your body. As your body settles with the natural frequency of the minerals in the salt soak, it goes through the beautiful, healing cycle of cleansing, detoxifying, and then reenergizing your metabolism, leaving you feeling refreshed and rested.
  • Anti-inflammatory ally. This sacred soak is powerful in decreasing inflammation and increasing vitality within the body. It’s the kind of ally that you want by your side after a long, hard day, thanks to the combination of Amber and Sandalwood.
  • Extends extra love to the soul. The gentle combination of Rose and Vanilla creates a safe aroma for our souls to rest and minds to calm, while alleviating muscle tension, lowering blood pressure, and reducing stress.


Solar Infusion Soak

Fight cold, congestion, anxiety and stress with this uplifting and tension-relieving bath soak.

Soak away any built-up stress, tension, muscle soreness, and congestion. Our carefully selected essential oils aid in balancing your nervous system to leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and regenerated for the new day. Cold-fighting lime, ginger, and eucalyptus help you breathe easy while vanilla and lemon work to boost your mood. This bath soak truly leaves you invigorated with the healing properties of solar energy


How to Use:

Add the salt directly to your hot bath water. Enjoy.


Sacred Ingredients:

Eucalyptus, Lemon, Lime, Ginger, Frankincense, Listea, Hysop, Mandarine, Rosmarin, & Vanilla


The Benefits of the Solar Infusion Soak:

  • Breathe easy. Support, cleanse, and purify your respiratory system with this indulgent soak. The natural benefits from Eucalyptus, lime, hysop, and ginger promote better breathing for a more relaxed, calm mind.
  • Infuse the sun. Soak in the sun and feel your mood boost with the sweet scents and benefits of Frankensense, Mandarine, Lemon, and Vanilla. Reduce anxiety and depression, stimulate your immune system, and enjoy the warmth of this Solar Infusion Soak.
  • Boost mental clarity. Get bright ideas and insight while soaking in Rosmarin, an oil known to help reduce stress levels and encourage mental clarity. It also increases retention and concentration, making this perfect for when you need another brilliant idea.


Luxury Brought Right to Your Home

Taking the time to care for yourself is essential when it comes to restoring your energy and living a vibrant life. You deserve only the best, highest-quality ingredients in the products you use during a well-deserved soak, so don’t miss out on these sacred products!


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