The Best Hair Care Tips for Travelling during the Holidays

Embarking on a holiday journey is undeniably thrilling, but for us curl babes, it often comes with a unique set of challenges. Taking care of your crown whilst traveling can feel like an entirely different ballgame. We’ve been there too and, trust us, we understand the struggle. This year, we are here to be your travel companions and ensure your trip goes smoothly for both you and your curls!  In this guide, we're unraveling the mysteries of travel hair care, providing tips, tricks, and product recommendations that will take much of the guesswork out of the equation! This will ensure that your curls will remain fabulous no matter where your holiday adventures take you.

Step 1: Preparing your curls for your holiday adventure

Before your trip, make sure that your curls are in top shape. 

Before you embark on your holiday escapade, make sure to make some time to treat your curls to some well-deserved pampering! Consider it a pre-travel ritual to fortify your curls for the journey ahead. 

The first step would be to use a really good quality protein treatment that will infuse strength and vitality to your curls. Our Curl Repair reconstructive protein treatment is a true marvel in curl care. Packed with hydrolyzed Baobab and Quinoa Proteins, this vegan treatment doesn't just skim the surface – it dives deep into each strand, repairing and fortifying them from the inside out. It's a powerhouse of restoration that is beneficial to all curl babes (with the exception of low porosity hair. 

The second step is to use the unconditional love deep conditioning hair mask. This product is your ticket to optimal hydration, ensuring each strand is deeply moisturized. You can even take your deep conditioning routine a step further and use a steamer to get maximum hydration. Taking these steps will ensure your curls are in prime condition for your holiday adventure! 

Make a list of your essentials 

Making a visual list can take a lot of the stress away so you don’t end up forgetting any of your essentials! A couple of days before you travel, take 30 minutes to really think through what you might need for your hair care. Then create a detailed list of everything you’ll need  including your satin pillowcases, bonnets, hair brushes, scrunchies etc. When creating your list, make sure to take into consideration what hairstyles you’ll be wearing on your trip and jot down everything you’ll need to create them. Of course, you should also not forget to bring all of the products that you’ll need to keep your hair healthy and thriving for the holidays but we’ll cover that in more detail below.

Step 2: Weather Proof Your Crown

The next step for preparing your crown for your trip is to plan for the weather! Knowing how your curls will react in different weather environments and how to manage it is important to not have any unwelcome surprises. Here, we've rounded up our top tips to ensure your crown remains fabulous, no matter the conditions.

Humid and rainy weather

  • For Low porosity hair 

If you’re a low porosity Curl Babe, your crown is not as affected by humidity as other hair types. In fact, the extra moisture in the air can make your hair appear more voluminous and gorgeous! Simply make sure that your strands are well hydrated with a few sprays of the Mistify before leaving the house and you’re all set. 

  • For high porosity hair 

Medium to high porosity hair is like a sponge for moisture, which can lead to frizz and tangles in humid conditions. To combat this, ensure your hair is well-hydrated before going out and seal in that moisture with our moisture lock pomade. However, if you have fine hair strands make sure to use this product sparingly to avoid weighing down your curls! 

For hot, sunny weather: 

Sunny weather is always welcome during trips but, as a Curl Babe, it's important to know how to properly protect your crown against sun damage. To shield your curls from the sun’s harmful UV rays, use our UV-protective Mystify Spray. It will ensure your crown remains vibrant and healthy even under the scorching sun.

For dry, cold weather: 

  • For Low porosity hair

When the air is dry, hydrate your hair during wash days to prevent your crown from drying out. Although it can take time for moisture to penetrate your low porosity strands, the good news is, once it's in, it stays! So make sure to not skip deep conditioning and use our moisture rescue low porosity conditioner to really get those curls popping! 

  • For high porosity hair 

For medium to high porosity curl babes, your strands are able to easily absorb moisture but it tends to slip away just as easily. So on top of hydration, sealing the moisture is a very important step as well. Try our Unconditional Love deep treatment, followed by Daily Curl Booster leave-in for well-hydrated curls. Finish with Moisture Lock Pomade to lock in moisture and enhance your curls. Don't forget to refresh and rehydrate as needed between washes for consistent hydration.

Step 3: On the go styling tips

The third step to your travel preparation is planning out some emergency hairstyles. Planning ahead with easy and simple hairstyles can be a game-changer for those moments when your hair seems to have a mind of its own. 

When your hair gets too frizzy

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, our curls rebel and transform into a frizzy mess…and that is totally okay! It's just the reality of having curly hair. When traveling, there will be moments where your hair decides to go rogue, and you need to be prepared. The key is having a set of simple, fast, and cute hairstyles up your sleeve. This way, you can still rock a super cute look on vacation, even when your hair decides to embrace the frizz. So, here are some hairstyle ideas that we suggest: 

The High Puff

The Low Bun
The Cute Bandana 

When you don’t have time to restyle 

In the whirlwind of travel, the unexpected is the only constant! Imagine deciding on a last-minute museum or restaurant visit, and your hair needs a wash with no time to spare. This is where cute, elegant styles become your secret weapon. With these quick fixes, you can effortlessly transition from one adventure to the next without worrying about missing out because your hair needs attention.

The Braided Half up, Half Down
The Braided Low Puff
The Triple bun Mohawk 
The Crown Twist

Step 4: All your Must Have products for traveling

The final step in preparing for your holiday travels is packing and bringing all your favorite products with you. The perfect way to do that is by simply packing a Curls on the go kit! This kit is your compact travel companion containing all the essentials in mini sizes! Here is what is included inside: 

Curl Renew Shampoo

First in the lineup is the Curl Renew Shampoo. This shampoo is great for gently washing away styling products, refreshing your curls, and revitalizing your hair during your holiday trip. 

Unconditional Love

Next up is the Unconditional Love deep conditioner, your travel companion for a love-soaked dose of hydration. Different environments, varying weather conditions, and hard water can take a toll on your curls, making this deep conditioner a must-pack!

Curl Butter & Moisture Lock 

Curl Butter is great for both moisture and definition so it's also a very handy product to have! It will ensure that your hair remains moisturized but will also provide you with a light hold and help you achieve beautiful voluminous curls. 

On the other hand, Moisture lock is essential to lock in all the hydration from your wash day! This is especially important for Curl babes with medium to high porosity because your strands are more likely to let moisture escape than low porosity Curl Babes. 

Hold it right there Gel 

No curl kit is complete without a quality gel, and that is where our Hold It Right There Gel steps into the spotlight. Ideal for achieving incredible definition and shine, it's your go-to for wash n go’s and sleek hairstyles. 


Mistify is a true multitasker and is perfect for rehydrating your curls mid-week when a full wash isn't an option. This product not only refreshes your curls but also provides essential UV protection, making it a must-have for sun-soaked destinations.

Daily Curl Booster

Our Daily Curl Booster Leave-in is amazing for providing some extra hydration during your wash days and mid week. Use this in conjunction with mystify to refresh and rehydrate your curls for your events! 

And there you have it…With these travel tips and your Curls on the go kit in hand, you’re ready to take the world by storm with amazing, bouncy and healthy curls. Now you can be sure that your crown will remain fabulous wherever the holidays take you! Happy travels, Curl Babes!